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Common Upper Mammalian Brain Ontology (CUMBO)

" The INCF PONS program has produced a Common Upper Mammalian Brain Ontology (CUMBO) in order to build ontologies in relation to 3D anatomy (Osumi-Sutherland et al., 2012). The CUMBO creates formal definitions (i.e., machine processable) for the types of structures we commonly describe in neuroanatomy.  The group reviewed common terms, e.g., nucleus, nerve, and provided a standard definition.  The rationale for the CUMBO and the preliminary work can be accessed on the Common Upper Mammalian Brain Ontology wiki page. The first set of CUMBO terms with their definitions may be viewed and accessed through Neurolex, which has created pages for each of these terms, where the community can review and contribute to definitions.  Some additional terms were also added.  The CUMBO terms are used to categorize structures in the Structural Lexicon where appropriate. The CUMBO terms can be downloaded from Neurolex as a spreadsheet or are available in RDF via theNeurolex SPARQL endpoint. Some examples of how the CUMBO can be used to generate useful indices of nervous system structures can be seen in Neurolex, which lists all structures considered to be tractsnucleidecussations etc. " ---- INCF PONS Program 

The Linked Brain Data team developed the first OWL and linked data version of the CUMBO ontology, with the following additions:

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